Preparing for your newborn session….

Newborn photography is one of my biggest passions, it allows for me to get as creative as I want or as simple as I want. It is a huge blessing for me to be trusted with this amazing time in your family. With so many changes that are happening with bringing a newborn home documenting that first photo of them is amazing. This blog is going to explain how to prep your older children for this important session.

All  moms want that awwww moment when their older children kiss their new sibling or lay next to them. As a mom I know how amazing that is but I as a photographer Im here to tell you sibling shots are one of the hardest but most rewarding shots we setup. Keep in mind this a huge change for your older children. Some are scared of new babies , some are a little jealous and some are just mad. We experience all of that in studio with these shots. But here I try to take the time to talk to older siblings , encourage them to help me . A lot of them love bringing me blankets or wipes. It keeps them involved and makes them feel important. I want them to know they are just as important as their new sibling.

When that doesn’t work we move on to bribes. From gold fish to m&ms we pull out all the stops. But don’t feel bad if your older child still wants nothing to do with the pose , sometimes they just don’t want to do it and that’s ok. A lot of times what is done is I call them into setups that aren’t meant for siblings or we can attempt to create an  image of them together in editing.

I never want parents to stress over these setups. Tell your little one we are going to a play date on your way here. Don’t practice smiling with them ahead of time. We want them to feel like they are at a friends home. Just come ready to relax and let us help you with that. If we cant get that awww pose your envisioning we can certainly get the awwww family pose you want ❤ ❤

❤ ❤



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