4 years and still going strong ….

4 years ago I created Sweetest Dreams Photography as a way to capture my children and meet some friends, I had just moved to the Quad Cities area from Washington state. Little did I know what the next 4 years would bring. In this 4 years I have seen sorrow, joy , frustration but mostly I have had the absolute honor of capturing so many moments for families in and around our area. This job means the world to me. All of my clients are so dear to me and my family and I wouldnt change that. So to celebrate this milestone I am hosting a celebration sale in my store. All of my sessions are reduced , past clients received an email in May with a coupon code if I missed you I apologize. Please send me an email if you didnt receive it. Feel free to check out my store and see my current work on my fan page.

Thank you



Flash Sales


I love being able to make sessions  a little more affordable for everyone. All weekend I will be posting flash sales for all types of sessions. These will be located in my store for convenient  check out. Today Im offering 4 . Feel free to check them out and share with your friends and family. In the first week of June I will be doing a store sale for newborns , milestones, maternity etc as well to celebrate my sons 13 birthday . Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have .




Getting on a due date list… why is this so important??

It is my goal to provide amazing images for new parents and make it affordable. Parents sometimes look at my pricing and say Yikes !!! Newborn photography is not as simple as placing a baby in a bucket or on a fur, yes it seems that way with the final product , but it takes a lot of prep . This is where getting on my due date list as early in your pregnancy as you can comes in handy. Not only does this help split the cost , a deposit is due at the time of getting on my due date list and the remainder is due at the session, this allows me time to consult with you the parents on colors and setups. All of my setups are based around your home decor. I do 2-3 setups to match your living room area and 2-3 setups for the nursery. Getting on my due date list early insures you will get in within 5-10 days old to give you those sweet sleepy squishy poses. My lists do fill up pretty quickly . We love newborn photography here at Sweetest Dreams Photography. There is nothing more precious than a sweet 5 day old baby in moms arms.

I do have 2 options as far as newborn sessions. One is my newborn mini session the second is a full newborn session. Both include family poses and sibling poses. All pricing and session information can be found on my website. If you feel my style is a good fit for your family and your newest addition I would love to hear from you.

Brittney Meyer



Spring has sprung in the QC area

We have been enjoying some amazing temps and weather lately here in the QC , aside from some unfortunate tornadoes and thunderstorms. But this weather has me in the mood to release my spring has sprung sale. I do this every year to celebrate the fact that we are getting closer to shooting outdoors yay !!!!

Heres what is on sale. It will run Monday March 21st 8 am to Monday March 28th 8 am

Newborn Minis ( Due dates April – Sept )

Maternity Newborn packages ( Due dates April – Sept )

My last 3 family sessions for 2016

Mini Milestone package ( Due dates April – Sept)

I hope we have an amazing spring and I cant wait to meet all of you . Be sure to check my store or fan page on monday morning. These prices will be pretty amazing . Check out some cute babies and past spring sessions ❤

Preparing for your newborn session….

Newborn photography is one of my biggest passions, it allows for me to get as creative as I want or as simple as I want. It is a huge blessing for me to be trusted with this amazing time in your family. With so many changes that are happening with bringing a newborn home documenting that first photo of them is amazing. This blog is going to explain how to prep your older children for this important session.

All  moms want that awwww moment when their older children kiss their new sibling or lay next to them. As a mom I know how amazing that is but I as a photographer Im here to tell you sibling shots are one of the hardest but most rewarding shots we setup. Keep in mind this a huge change for your older children. Some are scared of new babies , some are a little jealous and some are just mad. We experience all of that in studio with these shots. But here I try to take the time to talk to older siblings , encourage them to help me . A lot of them love bringing me blankets or wipes. It keeps them involved and makes them feel important. I want them to know they are just as important as their new sibling.

When that doesn’t work we move on to bribes. From gold fish to m&ms we pull out all the stops. But don’t feel bad if your older child still wants nothing to do with the pose , sometimes they just don’t want to do it and that’s ok. A lot of times what is done is I call them into setups that aren’t meant for siblings or we can attempt to create an  image of them together in editing.

I never want parents to stress over these setups. Tell your little one we are going to a play date on your way here. Don’t practice smiling with them ahead of time. We want them to feel like they are at a friends home. Just come ready to relax and let us help you with that. If we cant get that awww pose your envisioning we can certainly get the awwww family pose you want ❤ ❤

❤ ❤



New Session & Package

For all the moms out there that dont want to break the bank for maternity sessions and newborn sessions but still want amazing photos these 2 new items are for you ❤

Im excited to announce that I am now offering Maternity Mini Sessions. What do these include you may ask …. Well this type of session includes 2 setups with 2 of my gowns, no need to go buy yourself new clothes just for this session. It can include family and kiddos  I can give moms tips on wardrobes for family members. It also includes 20 edited images on an online gallery and printing rights. The cost for this session is $225 and it must be paid up front.

New package that I am introducing is my maternity newborn package. This includes what you see above plus a newborn mini session. Newborn mini sessions are listed on my website with session details. Cost for these 2 as a package is $500 if bought together. This must be paid up front. Check out some of my maternity and newborn sessions below. Email me today to book. brittney@sweetestdreamsqc.com

Delaney 9 months

This sweet little girl is always so happy to be in front of the camera. Her mom and dad are such amazing people and this little  one proves the saying ” the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ” . I can’t wait to see her for her 1 year session.

P.S. I love that mom let me play dress up with her ❤

Avery 9 months

Avery is always so cute at her sessions. She has a mind of her own and her little personality just shines through. This time she was on the go which I love . Big sister got in on some shots as well. I love having this little one in studio every 3 months . Check out some sneak peaks from her session below.

Lauren 9 months

Lauren has hit the stage where shes very unsure  of me and my big camera , but once she realized that is was not going to hurt she was just a ball of smiles ❤ 9 months seems to be when they hit stranger danger and moms thats completely normal and we just roll with it . We got a lot of smiles and giggles from her towards the end of the session .