Hadley 6 months

Hadley is always such a joy in the studio. This time was no different. She was determined to show off her 2 new teeth with big grins. She thought I was pretty funny but no one held a candle to daddy. He would play peekaboo and her face would just light up. I think its safe to say she has him wrapped around her finger ❤ Take a look at a few of my favorites from her session. Feel free to leave a comment below …..

Royce turns 2…

I have been photographing Royce since he was a week old. This little guy just gets cuter and cuter as the years pass . His mom has become a good friend of mine and his big sister is a good friend of my youngest daughters. I must say he is a hard one to get to smile in front of the camera but we got a few little smirks out of him. Take a look at some of my favorites below.